Are you ready for the cold weather and is your boiler?

As the UK is faced with more cold, snow and freezing weather reported for January 2018 are you ready ?

We are, why?

If you have a car, you’ll take it to the garage for its annual service and MOT making sure its safe and road worthy to use.

Well your central heating boiler should have the same care taken as well.

If its left unchecked with corroded pipes, weeping from time to time or a build up of corrosion and not had its annual service or inhibitor replaced just like (oil and filter in a car engine) your boiler can suffer and a result of breaking down with more use in colder times.

By ensuring your boiler is fully serviced and prepared for increased use in colder times can also help save money on your heating bills and not be so expensive if it breaks down.

Remember you’ll take your car to a repeatable garage so ensure you use a qualified GAS SAFE Engineer!

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Freezing conditions March 2018