Damp floor in bromsgrove is repaired using Ardex DPM-1C

Damp Floor Bromsgrove

Old properties can sometimes have a damp floor due to not having a DPM (Damp proof membrane).

Old floors, where a DPM (Damp Proof Membrane) is not visible or available where carpets and floor tiles are laid, allows your concrete floor to breath with no real signs of rising damp from the ground at this point.

By laying new laminates or LVT’s (luxury vinyl tiles) do not allow your concrete floor to breath causing a damp floor by drawing moisture from the ground causing a damp floor to appear or a considerable amount of water is visible on top.

Weaves Interiors uses Ardex DPM 1C which adds as a (Damp Proof Membrane)which is breathable stopping damp coming through and is on the first processes in pre-preparing your floor. once your floor is free of all dust and excess material a primer at be required or Ardex NA to help level your floor before use of Ardex DPM-1C.

For more information on Ardex DPM-1C please visit  https://ardex.co.uk/product/ardex-dpm-1-c/

Once these steps have been taken and Ardex DPM-1C (Damp Proof Membrane) has been applied we leave the floor for 8 to 24 hours and apply Ardex NA as a final levelling compound which produces a final finish as the picture shown.

For more information on Ardex NA please visit https://ardex.co.uk/product/arditex-na/

Your floor can now be tiled, carpeted laminated or LVT can be used with peace of mind of a free damp floor in your home or office.

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