Alzheimer’s and caring for a family member

Alzheimer's Lockable Gas Valve

Like many families around the UK, like me, may have experienced a family member suffering from Alzheimer’s or a form of dementia.

As we care for our family members in their home keeping them safe and well is a must, also being a worrying time.

After being contacted by a customer asking for help and advice as concerned about their family member trying to use their gas cooker and the dangers if left on with an open flame causing a fire.

Being informed that there was a lockable gas valve available and with our knowledge this item is a specialist fitting with regular gas part centres not stocking or available to purchase or not even being heard of.

The lockable gas isolating value is able to be located where a family member or career are able to have a key and turn off the gas supply to the cooker and lock the valve isolating any supply for the cooker to be turned on and left in the event of causing fire or possible injury to our loved ones.

Like all gas appliances along with alterations must comply to regulations with any works carried out is a must be a qualified and ‘REGISTERED GAS SAFE’ engineer.

For more information on keeping our family, friends or a neighbour safe with Alzheimer’s or dementia please visit the following links below.