Should you have your central heating powerflushed?

Powerflushing is important to you central heating system as over time our central heating systems can build up rust and sludge within central heating pipes and radiators that can cause your radiators not to vent heat or work properly with cold spots in places when touched or even worse cause damage to your boiler.

So, What’s the benefits of having a central heating powerflush?

Power flushing can solve a number of common issues: Your radiators will warm up much quicker reducing stress on your boiler and pump. The boiler or central heating system can become less nosier. Your boiler can become more efficient helping to save money of your gas bill and even more helping your boiler to stay healthy.

How long does it take?

On a typical 3 bedroom house with around 8 radiators can take up to 5 hours depending on how blocked the system is. A cleaner Sentinel X800 which we at Weaves Interiors prefer to use is added into our powerflush machine with to of the powerflush machines pipes added to where a radiator was and the cycle begins.

Once the system is showing clean water when the add Sentinel X100 central heating inhibitor to your central heating system to help protect your pipes and radiators and boiler.

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