Benifits of magnetic filters

Why should I fit a magnetic filter to my boiler? Do you change the oil and filter in your car? then a Magnetic filter is the same. By adding a Magnetic filter to your central heating system helps to protect your boiler from debris floating around that can cause damage, blocking pipes, radiators helping reduce […]

Should you have your central heating powerflushed?

Powerflushing is important to you central heating system as over time our central heating systems can build up rust and sludge within central heating pipes and radiators that can cause your radiators not to vent heat or work properly with cold spots in places when touched or even worse cause damage to your boiler. So, […]

New 2020 Coarian Worktop Range from Weaves

What is Coarian? Made from acrylic powder and aluminium trihydrate which combined together make a solid surface product offering strength, durability and cleanliness. Who uses Coarian? Mainly used within the commercial markets in schools, hotels and laboratories, dentists and doctors surgeries. Due to its flexibility enables bespoke manufacturing in many shapes and sizes, making this […]

Happy New Year 2020 from Weaves Interiors

Weaves Interiors wish all our customers a happy new year! 2019 gave us our best achievements with our new office and showroom based in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. With this being our busiest of all years yet,  serving 411 customers in Worcestershire and the Midlands, which included both small and more larger projects. It has been rewarding […]

Protect your home from big bills this winter

Protect your home from big bills this winter with help from Weaves Interiors & Outdoors caring for your home this winter. Nobody wants to be left with a chilly home, and costly repairs so its important to get your home ready as the winter cold  weather approaches To find out more on how we can […]

PASMA Certificate of Competence

PASMA for the use and construction of mobile access Towers on site is one many important parts of health & safety amongst contractors and clients. In August 2019 Weaves Interiors carried out our training and pleased to have received our certificate of competence. Who’s PASMA? Founded in 1974, the Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association […]

Alzheimer’s and caring for a family member

Like many families around the UK, like me, may have experienced a family member suffering from Alzheimer’s or a form of dementia. As we care for our family members in their home keeping them safe and well is a must, also being a worrying time. After being contacted by a customer asking for help and […]

Keep your outside water tap safe!

Keep your outside water tap safe by using Tap Lock from theft and wasting water. ‘Tap Lock’ is a great way to protect and save water where an outside tap is venerable on the front of your property. By using Tap Lock’s simple and quick easy design by inserting your Tap Lock Key and screwing […]

Damp floor in bromsgrove is repaired using Ardex DPM-1C

Old properties can sometimes have a damp floor due to not having a DPM (Damp proof membrane). Old floors, where a DPM (Damp Proof Membrane) is not visible or available where carpets and floor tiles are laid, allows your concrete floor to breath with no real signs of rising damp from the ground at this […]